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About Us

Welcome to our small shop! We are a team located in San Antonio Texas, where we take pride in offering fun and very functional collections of handpicked products that span across stationery, skincare, home goods, and storage solutions. (Online store only)

We started this project back in 2021, and after testing different products from all over the world, we finally decided to share our good finds as “Aki Mori Shop” in 2022.

Aki Mori Shop reflects our passion for quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Explore our diverse range and let us enhance your everyday experiences with our thoughtfully chosen products.

We’re passionate about enriching your lifestyle with items that not only serve a purpose but also bring joy and inspiration to your daily routine.

We keep adding new products every week so feel free to come back anytime!



We named our store “Aki Mori Shop” based on the Japanese names “Aki” meaning Fall/Autumn and “Mori” meaning Woods. Still, it doesn’t mean “Woods from Autumn Shop”, Aki Mori Shop is a play of words from stuff we love.

While our store is not focused in only Japanese products, we wanted to reflect our passion and admiration for Japanese culture.
In 2024, Aki Mori Shop encompasses a catalogue of brands from countries like France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and USA.

Follow us on our journey and make sure to live life to its fullest! @akimorishop

Dylan (left) and Rolando (right), Co-Founders of Aki Mori Shop, hanging out in Texan beach like normal people do.